Best Practices

Over the years we found that if you answer these questions ahead of time and follow these best practices, you can save time (and meet your jersey deadline). 

  1. Are you authorized to order?
    • (For 18 and under) If you are authorized to order and/or have the approval of your coach,  athletic director, or parent. 
  2. If you are a high school or university, is your school paying or is your team paying individually?
  3. If your school is paying for your jerseys, do you know your school’s ordering process?
    • i.e. some schools we've worked with in the past have required things like "approved vendor status" or registering the business in your state before using us
  4. Are you authorized to order (yes, we are asking again 🙂)?
  5. Will you be the design decision-maker? 
    • We found that if you have one design decision maker, the process is easier for you and your team. 
  6. If you are ordering jerseys for your school’s team, do you have any design rules or regulations you must follow? 
    • Please note, it is your responsibility to confirm with your Athletic Director or school to follow your school’s jersey regulations.

Once you have the answers to the questions above, contact with:

  1. Your name (you are authorized to order/purchase AND make design decisions)
  2. Your address (delivery address)
  3. Your school / club / team name
  4. Logo
  5. Color scheme
  6. Design regulations / rules (not every school/team has one but if you do, better to find out first ;) )
  7. Design ideas (You don’t have to have any ideas, in fact, its more fun to come with zero ideas and we create together 🙂)
  8. Jersey sizes and numbers (this can take a while so best to have it before the start of the season ;) )