Ray Goh: Co-Founder

Volleyball position: Outside/Opposite/Coach

What do I do here: Strategy, game planning, deal making, IT, hiring, logistics and cheerleading

Favorite volleyball memory: Too many to count, but as of late, anything that has to do with watching my kids play

Cindy Goh: Co-Founder,
Director of Graphic Design

Volleyball position: Long retired middle

What do I do here: I make jerseys, shorts, and graphics of all kind!

Favorite volleyball memory: Planning what to eat after each tournament


Erika Eastham: Director of Sales and Business Development

Volleyball position: Outside/Opposite/Retiring Middle

What do I do here: I help communicate to YOU from new product launches to customer service requests; I help make sure you get the all the info you need to get you looking your best on the court.

Favorite volleyball memory: So many to choose from but one particular weekend comes to mind. I played in a 6’s tournament during the day on Saturday, lost in semis, drove across State lines to play in a twilight tournament, won the tournament (despite my NUMEROUS foot faults – who foot faults?), slept two hours then coached an all-day girl’s tournament where we lost in the semis. A weekend of hard work, lots of laughs, and very little sleep.
I love coaching and deeply treasure anytime a former player connects with me and tells me their favorite memory or favorite motivational speech (thank you Coach Carter and Remember the Titans). I am truly looking forward to watching my daughter play and hopefully (maybe) coach her (yes, she is 1).

Catherine (Cat) Baek: 
Graphic Designer

Volleyball position: DS/Libero

What do I do here: Graphic Designer

Favorite volleyball memory: One of my core volleyball memories would have to be winning Smash with my best friend this past summer! If you know me, playing on main court is my nightmare. I have never been one to seek the spotlight or be the center of attention. But my friend and I decided to focus on each other and our love for the game. All our friends chose to stay and cheer us on, even though it was so late in the day. I can guess that maybe 95% of the crowd did not expect us to win that matchup. I was part of that 95%. I truly felt like we prevailed against all odds, and it felt that much better doing it hand-in-hand with my best friend. Volleyball is not a sport to me. It has truly shaped my life. As the quiet girl who always kept to herself, volleyball gave me a chance to connect with people I would never have had the chance to. It taught me how to have courage and confidence in who I am and what I am capable of achieving. Volleyball helped me embrace the person I always knew was inside of me. I met some of my closest friends through playing the sport, and for that, volleyball will always be one of my greatest blessings.


Luke Morris: Social Media Content Manager

Volleyball position: Outside/Opposite

What do I do here: I create content and ads for our social media platforms.

Favorite volleyball memory: I led our NCAA CVC conference in aces with 54 on the season in 2023.