Volleyball Spectator Limits Lifted in Montgomery County

There is some very exciting news! Announced yesterday, the county has decided the following: 
  • There are no limits to the number of spectators for outdoor contests. Gathering limits for indoor facilities are limited to 250.
  • Spectators must comply with face covering expectations. Face coverings are not required outdoors, but persons who are not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings outdoors. Masks shall be worn at all times indoors.
  • Effective May 19, spectator lists will no longer required for contests.
  • Social distancing (6 feet) must occur to the extent possible, both indoors and outdoors. The number of spectators may be limited, if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Admission for contests will be complimentary through the regular season (Jun 5).

Basically, volleyball games are now open to the public, and it's still FREE admission. Put your mask on, support boys volleyball, and go watch a match! 

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