June 2nd - Score Updates

Wootton surprises WJ by beating them 3-0. Clarksburg defeats Northwest 3-0. Einstein continues their perfect match record by defeating Gaithersburg 3-0.

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Winner  Loser Scores
Clarksburg Northwest 3-0
Sherwood vs Poolesville? 



Winner Loser Scores
Wootton Walter Johnson 3-0
Whitman vs Blair?



 Winner Loser Scores
Wheaton Blake 3-1
Paint Branch vs Rockville?
Einstein Gaithersburg 3-0


Today's Games

Today's games across the county are as follows:

No games.

No games.

No games.

Rankings By Division

As it stands so far, here are the rankings by division: 

Upcounty Mid-county Eastern Montgomery
Clarksburg (7-0) Churchill (8-0) Einstein (8-0) 
Northwest (4-2) Walter Johnson (4-3) Wheaton (6-2)
Sherwood (2-3) Wootton (4-3) Gaithersburg (4-4) 
Quince Orchard (1-3) Whitman (2-5) Blake (3-4) 
Poolesville (0-5) Blair (0-5) Paint Branch (0-5)
Rockville (0-6)


The regular season is coming to a close, but not without some late season drama. Wootton defeating WJ 3-0 makes the playoff picture much more interesting. The top teams in the county, by record, are Churchill, Clarksburg, and Einstein. However, let's be clear - record is not everything. Einstein, playing in a weaker division, has not been challenged by any teams on their regular season schedule thus far. Wootton's record is also very deceptive. From their record, they may appear like a middle-of-the-pack team, but even their 3-0 losses to Churchill have  been close. It appears that the Patriots are getting hot at the right time. Taking down WJ in 3 sets yesterday is a big confidence booster, and a message to the rest of the county that Wootton is not to be overlooked.

It seems that if we were to rank teams by record only, this would be the current power rankings for the top 8:

1. Clarksburg or Einstein (identical records)
3. Churchill
4. Wheaton
5. Northwest
6. Walter Johnson
7. Wootton
8. Gaithersburg

However, the eye test tells me that the real power rankings should look more like this:

1. Clarksburg
2. Churchill
3. Wootton
4. Walter Johnson
5. Northwest
6. Einstein
7. Sherwood
8. Wheaton

What do you think? Am I completely off the mark? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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