1-on-none MCPS Boys Volleyball All-County Honors

In years past, MCPS all-county honors were selected based off coach's input and an all-county point system, where coaches would assign points to outstanding players on their opponent's teams after every match. These points would be tallied, and at the end of the year, based off of points and coach's input, an All-County first team, second team, and honorable mentions would be pieced together and announced. Unfortunately, this year due to COVID restrictions, coaches were unable to play teams outside of their own divisions, so the traditional all-county point system was not implemented. Because of this, it is unlikely that an official all-county team will be selected this year.

In direct response to these unfortunate circumstances, 1-on-none is proud to announce the first ever 1-on-none MCPS Boys Volleyball All-County team. These are based off game analysis, our own opinions, and input from coaches and volleyball experts around the county. We believe that these gifted athletes made significant impacts on their respective teams and demonstrate the 1-on-none spirit of excellence. Please join us in congratulating all those who have been selected.

Player of the Year

OH - Nathan Goh, Junior, Clarksburg High School

1st Team All-County

OH - Andrew Ahn, Junior, Northwest High School
OH - Tobias Clark, Senior, Einstein High School
OH - Sebastiano Sani, Sophomore, Walter Johnson High School
MB - Ryan Harper, Senior, Walter Johnson High School
MB - Corwin Trouteaud, Junior, Winston Churchill High School
OP - Ben Lee, Junior, Winston Churchill High School
L - Luis Perez, Senior, Thomas S. Wootton High School
S - Joseph Morris, Walter Johnson High School
S - Charlie Lin, Winston Churchill High School

2nd Team All-County

OH - Andy Wang, Junior, Winston Churchill High School
OH - Matthew Hou, Senior, Thomas S. Wootton High School
MB - Terrell Wright, Senior, Northwest High School
MB - Kyle Foster, Senior, Thomas S. Wootton High School
OP - Sebastian Marcial, Junior, Walter Johnson High School
L - Noah Schiff, Senior, Winston Churchill High School
S - Noah Aurdos, Sophomore, Clarksburg High School
S - Brogan Black, Junior, Sherwood High School

Honorable Mention

OH - Seth Kauffman, Senior, Sherwood High School
OH - Aaryan Patel, Junior, Clarksburg High School
OH - Nathaniel Wu, Junior, Winston Churchill High School
OH - Owen Ehlers, Sophomore, Northwest High School
MB - Jason Soo, Senior, Clarksburg High School
MB - Aidan O'Connell, Freshman, Clarksburg High School
L - Michael Wang, Freshman, Blair High School
S - Jared Su, Sophomore, Wootton High School
S - Cameron Fong, Senior, Whitman High School

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