The Launch of Custom Collections

One of the main motivations behind 1-on-none has always been to elevate the overall perception of indoor volleyball to the rest of the world. To anyone who has played competitive volleyball, we understand how intense, how exciting, how electrifying the game can be. High-flying athletes, diving defensive plays and super hard-driven spikes make volleyball an undeniably cool game to play AND to watch, but unfortunately, the reality is that much of the general public has only seen the "backyard barbecue" version of the sport. They see a slow, soft game that's "cute" but not one to be taken seriously. This is wrong.

What if we could somehow capture that excitement into design? What if we could capture the competition, the intensity, the passion, and wear it on our chests? 

1-on-none is a passionate attempt at making volleyball cool to those who know nothing about it. We want people to take a second look at the sport because we are confident that volleyball on its own, can and will impress. 

The custom collection initiative is one more way to expand exposure to the sport we love. Contact us, and we will do our best to capture your high school or club team's culture, and transform it into a great looking design that you, your teammates, and your fans can wear proudly. We want people to say, "hey that's a cool shirt", and recognize that it represents a sport they may not have taken a serious look at.

Our first custom collection is for Clarksburg High School, out of Clarksburg, MD home of the mighty Coyotes. Our family is undeniably linked to this team. My son plays outside hitter there, the coach is my wife's former JV coach from high school, and as a family, we never miss a home game. We wish them the best of luck in 2020.

Our second custom collection (still in progress) is for the Churchill Bulldogs out of Potomac, MD. This is my alma-mater, and also where I won a county championship as the captain of the undefeated 1998 Bulldogs! I am so proud of my time there and also wish them the very best for the upcoming season. Personally, I am rooting for a Clarksburg / Churchill championship!

Take a look at the collections we are making, and browse our other shirts and apparel. We hope that you see the love and care we put into each of our designs. We would love to do more for your team. Join 1-on-none, on the quest to elevate the game.