"Swing High and Hard"

As we launch 1-on-none, I'm brought back to my first year playing volleyball, and I'm reminded of what my first volleyball coach taught me. Here I was, 15 years old, and I never really played organized volleyball before. I was just starting to learn the footwork on a three-step approach, and as one could imagine, a lot of my hits were either getting buried into the bottom of the net, or rocketed to the back wall. Discouraged and distraught, I started to do the safe thing by just tipping the ball over. Tipping took much less effort, was "safer", and minimized my mistakes. 

My coach, however, had different ideas, and thank God he did. Rather than let me continue to play it "safe", he was insistent that I "swing high and hard" no matter what the situation looked like from my rookie point of view. Over time, I learned that playing it "safe" makes it really hard to score, and hitting high and hard was the way to approach the game if you wanted to win.

In volleyball and in life, tipping on every set will only get you so far. Sometimes, the best thing to do is swing away. So, here I am, launching a dream that's been years in the making. 1-on-none was created because as a volleyball player, I always found it impossible to find any volleyball-themed clothing that I wanted to wear. I wanted to wear something that was "cool" and represented the game I love. So.. here we are, about to swing away. Welcome to 1-on-none.