Respect All Fear None

There's a quote by Roger Federer that goes like this, "I fear no one, but respect everyone." I shared this with the team I coach, explaining that no matter who is on the other side of the net, no matter how bad or how good they look, this needs to be our attitude.

The team took it to heart and went 14-0 at that tournament. We shortened it to "Respect all, fear none" and this became our new pre-game cheer and our rally cry for the season.

I was so inspired by the performance my boys put on that day that I decided to adopt this as one of the mottos for 1-on-none. We put together a new collection called the "Respect All Fear None" collection which launches immediately. You will also see this phrase repeated in more of our designs in the future.

In sport, the danger is always there that you under-perform based off over-confidence, or that you under-perform because of fear. This rally cry is a reminder that there are no guarantees. Sometimes something as trivial as carrying the right mentality is the difference between winning and losing.